Published September 12, 2016

This September marks the inaugural Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, taking place in Riverside Park on September 24, 2016. The festival will provide a space “to foster an interest in reading, writing, and literature” in the community, as well as an opportunity for authors and book professionals to sell their work.

Amy Bayne, a partner of the festival along with James Noll and Chris Jones, describes Fredericksburg as being “supportive and friendly to its arts community.” The city has multiple literary publications and many programs that encourage literacy for all ages. The amount of support the festival has received from the city has been incredible, according to Bayne. “It feels as if Fredericksburg was just waiting for someone to take up this project and run with it. We’re more than happy to do it.”

Noll, a Fredericksburg native, is an author himself. Several years ago he was working hard to sell his books at book festivals in Virginia and surrounding states. Inspiration struck, however, at the Gaithersburg Book Festival. “He was impressed with the set-up and envisioned a similar event in Fredericksburg. The idea rolled around in his head for a few years” recalls Bayne. When Bayne later interviewed him for a local literary magazines, Noll mentioned the idea. After inviting Chris Jones to join their group, the three began planning the festival, which they hope will become an annual event.

“Our goal is to launch this festival this year and then promote it annually as an event to highlight our area’s rich literary community. We hope it will grow in scope, but we’d love to keep it downtown in the heart of Fredericksburg,” says Bayne.

To learn more about the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, click here.

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