Published November 17, 2016

a-item-o197-i9383-1477060021-171-620Today is the last day to place online bids for the 2016 Raucous Auction! Make the most of your bid with this Angel Gift to help fund the book cloth and paper that local Girl Scout chapters use when they visit the VABC for workshops.

The Girl Scouts’ programs at the VABC allow young girls to explore the art of bookmaking, create books of their own, and earn their Book Artist Cadette Badge. If this program is fully funded, the VABC can run it without having to charge the Girl Scouts for these lessons in the creative process and traditional bookmaking skills.

To honor your generosity, the winner of this auction item will receive a handmade book, “Local Species,” which features children’s block prints and was part of a 2006 collaboration with artist Alberto Rey. To learn more about this and make your final online bids, visit VABC’s auction site. Final bids on items will be accepted in-person at the Raucous Auction on November 18. Buy your tickets before it’s too late!

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