Published May 2, 2018

Recovered by BINDER #2
The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games by Andy Griscom, Ben Rand, and Scott Johnston
original publisher, Mustang Publishing; 4th Revised ed. edition (July 27, 1999)
Artist’s Statement: For this project, I deconstructed this humorous tome and reconstructed it to make it interactive. Due to frequent references to expulsion of stomach contents, I laminated the Games pages to make them waterproof and stubbed in clear envelopes to slip them into. I found marbled paper that illustrates the condition of a player’s stomach after a game from Boot Factor 5. The book is part of a boxed set with the Games accordion book made of two Shock Top six-packs. (Sorry, I drank the beer.) This light-hearted project does represent some serious bookbinding time and innovative ways to upcycle materials. Photo shows a Games page folded to hide the title. Random pick—BF 1 or BF 5? Although the pages could be kept in order, I’m guessing they’ll soon get mixed up. Why keep them in order anyway? Where’s the fun in that?
Materials Used: Leather, hand-marbled paper, page protectors, handmade paper, sekishu, Moriki

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