Published May 5, 2018

Recovered by BINDER #5
Why Not Eat Insects? by Vincent M. Holt
British Museum (1888)
Artist’s Statement:  This book was designed 20 years ago at the beginning of my career in bookbinding. It is recently finished at the end of my career.

In order to repair more serious family books that had met with an accident, I had to learn bookbinding skills. This book, acquired in the 1990’s from the British Museum was part of that deliberate program. It came with a boring paper cover glued to the spine. Taken apart and guarded, sewn with jute on boards improved with Kahdi paper, it is decorated with an antique butterfly imprisoned in a glass lens. Choices were based on a naturalistic rustic appearance.

The text is antique in more ways than one: those who read the introduction will find references to London’s Sloane Square and the Kings Road, then homes of contemporary gastronomy. The text itself gives glimpses of a yet older world where the idea of eating insects was quite repellent to the middle classes, although in 2018, it seems much more likely.
Materials used: Kahdi paper, jute string, butterfly under glass

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