Published March 30, 2020

 Our multi-session, signature typesetting, and press usage class feature the printing of broadsides and other ephemera.
During these hands-on sessions, we explore the art and craft of typesetting and letterpress printing in the Center’s Pressroom that features Vandercook cylinder letterpresses and the largest publicly accessible collection of movable type in the mid-Atlantic region.
Together we’ll work on multiple small assignments/projects that demonstrate metal type, polymer, and multi-color printing.
All participants will receive a copy of our type specimen book Speaking in Faces.
The goal is to achieve a demonstrable level of skill and confidence on a Vandercook press; it would be a first step toward being “licensed” on the press, which comes with sufficient experience and exposure to all aspects of printing.

During the course, the student will learn the skills necessary to:
● Independently compose, typeset, and print a typeset text project on a Vandercook printing press
● Utilize basic letterpress terminology
● Navigate a job case’s arrangement and distribute type
● Understand the strategies and concepts behind two-color printing
● Use wood type, polymer, and block print on a Vandercook press
● Troubleshoot common printing problems
● Clean the parts of a Vandercook press
● Clean and store accessories including furniture, tools, and type

* Participants of all skill levels welcome: Experienced printers should contact Garrett regarding specific areas of interest.
Those wishing to pursue Vandercook Licensure can pursue an independent project that would be arranged after coursework is completed.

Letterpress Core Intensive – Registration Details
Instructors: Garrett Queen, Kevin McFadden (and guests)
: Offered as four classes over two weekends or on successive weekdays
Location: Virginia Center for the Book (map: Jefferson School City Center)
**UVa Education Benefit Eligible, non-degree certification class
Additional course information contact: Garrett Queen:

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