Published April 8, 2020

A call for works of verbal and visual art in broadsides and posters that reframe narratives of Virginia’s past in addressing the present-day challenges of sexism, racism, and bias, especially as felt in our surroundings. We’re looking for work that illuminates the spoken or unspoken elements of our surroundings.

The collection of broadsides will culminate in a special edition, book arts exhibition set to be viewed at Virginia Humanities, online on the Virginia Center for the Book website, the Discovery Virginia archive, social media, and venues throughout the Commonwealth.

This project is sponsored through a partnership of the Virginia Center for the Book at Virginia Humanities and the Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) effort.

Requirements: Works of poetry, short prose, or sayings with a strong visual component. To participate, artists must produce and deliver an edition of no fewer than thirty 11”x15” prints. Traditional and digital printing styles will be accepted, though all prints should be made on heavier (card to poster) stock. Writers must own or assist in procuring one-time rights to appear in print. Visual artists must own the rights to their own original work and agree to share it in this format in public and via the web. Virginia Center for the Book reserves the right to refuse work that doesn’t meet requirements.

DEADLINE: April 15, 2021

Broadsides should be mailed to:

Voice-Overs Broadside Project
Virginia Humanities
145 Ednam Drive
Charlottesville VA 22903

Signing, editioning work: Wherever possible, work should be signed by authors/artists and the writers, publishers, and artists attributed in a colophon. Though artists may produce prints of any edition size, please reserve numbers 1-30 for this project.

Support for projects: Virginia Center for the Book can provide paper if projects are to be completed in the Center in Charlottesville, using and attributing the facility’s graphic arts or letterpress equipment.  Independent submissions are welcome, though please confirm projects in advance with the project coordinator. All other costs of projects to be undertaken by contributors.

Use of contributed work: Artists should retain additional copies (beyond 30 required for participation) for themselves; all contributed works (not inclusive of rights) will belong to Virginia Humanities. Approximately half of the thirty copies are reserved inclusion in the edition set; remaining broadsides will be available for promotion and special collection distribution in support of the Center’s work.

Send all inquiries to Garrett Queen

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