Published April 21, 2020
Image by Congerdesign – Pixabay

We are redirecting our member’s collaborative project energies towards our Quaranta Art Project

On April 20, 2020, Bonnie Bernstein (Member’s Project co-leader) wrote:

Hello, friends.

I am writing on behalf of the 2020 Vision project leaders (Lyall, Yolanda, me) to let you all know that after much fretful consideration – and at the risk of sounding like candidates dropping out of the primaries – we just don’t see a way forward with this particular project. We propose instead to pivot to the more aptly timed and named Quaranta Project.

Member artists launched 2020 Vision when the coronavirus was still an epidemic and our heads were in a more expansive place. Now, we are coping in various degrees with the physical confines and emotional stresses of a pandemic. Ironically, we set out to make 2020 Vision a more collaborative effort, with groups working closely to design their part of the artists’ book and with all hands on deck for in-studio production. Needless to say, we did not plan all this togetherness with COVID-19 in mind.

Besides the obvious impracticalities, we have been struggling with a psychic disconnect.  2020 Vision would have us contextualize where we are in our lives by looking backward and forward. We’re feeling more compelled to convey some of what we are experiencing right now.

The Quaranta Project casts a wider, looser net, collecting projects made by individual members and friends wherever we are and with whatever is available to us. There’s no pressure – the goal is to produce, then somehow assemble, 40 art works for eventual display. And while contributions in traditional book arts are welcome, so are responses in every other medium and conveyance: image, words, links, memes, more.

So, we appeal to everyone who signed on for 2020 Vision…please consider diverting that creative energy to the more free-flowing Quaranta Project – first by signing on to the group’s FB page, then by posting what you’re doing or thinking about doing. Although we’re all flying solo, with many participating, we can get this new project off the ground.

I sure do miss being with you all! Take care — and take in this beautifully oblivious spring.



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