Published December 4, 2020

This past December 8th (2020) we kicked off a year-long celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Book Arts at the Virginia Center for the Book with a special virtual
In case you missed the festivities or would like to see the replay, the video is archived on our Facebook video channel.

During the evening’s event, we shared the newly commissioned anniversary print by Kristin Keimu Adolfson, and had a virtual toast to celebrate the folks who have contributed to the endeavor over the years.

We raised our glasses as Kevin McFadden did the honors

A Toast, Against Silver

for the 25th anniversary of book arts at Virginia Center for the Book

May everything we think be like that ink
Not yet on the page, but on the brink.

May everything we stitch, twitch
With some urgent yet unscratchable itch.

May every block scraper and page shaper

Love the work while it’s still vapor.

And to all our book artists, ready for the next caper:
May our every anniversary be paper.

Old-Fashioned Bookmaker

  • 2 oz. (1/4 cup) bourbon or rye whiskey (or oolong tea, brewed and cooled, for non-alcoholic version)
  • 1 sugar cube or simple syrup/brown sugar, to taste
  • 2 dashes of bitters
  • Orange slice or twist, as garnish

Combine ingredients, add ice and orange, enjoy. 

Suggested pairing: A limited-edition 25th anniversary print by Kristin Keimu Adolfson, in support of Book Arts at the Virginia Center for the Book.

Check out photos of the finished print and Adolfson’s process below, and please consider purchasing a print!

To order this print, please visit our online store.

In celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Book Arts at the Virginia Center for the Book, this commemorative print was created by Kristin Keimu Adolfson, honoring our quarter-century in the practice of the art and craft of bookmaking.

About the artist

Kristin Keimu Adolfson is a bookbinder, book artist, and printer in Charlottesville, Virginia, and teaches both bookbinding and letterpress at the Virginia Book Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her work frequently addresses issues of life, death and the environment.

Her artist books have been exhibited at Codex International Book Fair in San Francisco, Action/Interaction:Book/Arts at Columbia College Chicago, and are part of the University of Washington and University of Virginia Rare Book School and Special collections.

Kristin graduated from the University of Virginia with Distinction in Media and Film Studies and is the owner and graphic/web designer at Still Point Design Studio. Learn more about her work at

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