Hinged Lid Box Construction w/Jane Freeman

Using book board, decorative paper, and book cloth, participants will learn basic box construction and make a 5 x 7 hinged lid box.  This durable and sturdy construction both sits on its base and stands upright on a bookshelf; it is perfect for housing mementos, jewelry, ephemera, and more.  Participants will explore options for decorating the box and learn how to calculate measurements to make custom size boxes.


Slipcase Construction w/Jane Freeman

Interested in constructing a beautiful slipcase to “house” a favorite book or set of books? Participants in this class will build one slipcase in class and learn to adapt the basic model to accommodate different sizes of books.


Stiff Leaf Binding with Jane Freeman

Stiff leaf binding is a rigid no-sew bookbinding method in which folded sheets of paper are glued back-to-back to form a satisfyingly solid little book. Think children’s board books!This binding …


Bookbinding Core Skills: 2022 Summer Session

This four-part Bookbinding Core Series prepares participants to undertake a wide range of projects and additional classes in intermediate and advanced bookbinding techniques and book structures.

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