Book Building for Kids: The Alphabestiary

Workshop on Saturday – November 18, 2023 Join book artist Josef Beery for a fun session of printing on a BookBeetle Press and hand binding with paste and scissors to create a unique artists’ book of beasts—an Alphabestiary! The class is intended for students in grades 2, 3, and 4. Each student will leave with their own copy of the Alphabestiary.


Hinged Lid Box Construction w/Jane Freeman

Using book board, decorative paper, and book cloth, participants will learn basic box construction and make a 5 x 7 hinged lid box.  This durable and sturdy construction both sits on its base and stands upright on a bookshelf; it is perfect for housing mementos, jewelry, ephemera, and more.  Participants will explore options for decorating the box and learn how to calculate measurements to make custom size boxes.


2023 Holiday Card Workshop

Join us for an introduction to letterpress as you make 15 simple holiday greeting cards from our movable type. Come with an idea for no more than 20 words, look through our dingbats, or select a preprinted image to create your design. You’ll experience the basics of type composition, get help printing on the press, and leave with the cards you can put to immediate use.


Techniques in Linocut with Lana Lambert

Gateway drug to the world of printmaking, linocut offers an accessible entry point for the novice and yet, can still be manipulated with great skill and depth by the old salt printer. Come and learn the potential of this workhorse material. Students will create a veritable Rosetta Stone of linocut techniques that they can keep in their studio to use as a reference as they develop their own preferred block carving style.


Slipcase Construction w/Jane Freeman

Interested in constructing a beautiful slipcase to “house” a favorite book or set of books? Participants in this class will build one slipcase in class and learn to adapt the basic model to accommodate different sizes of books.


Two-Needle Coptic Bookbinding w/Janet Eden

Coptic binding is the oldest form of a book (a “codex”) in Western culture. In its modern form, it has a hardcover and an open spine that reveals decorative binding stitching. At the end of this intermediate course, participants will take home a full-size Coptic-bound book.


Introducing Book Art: Where Structure and Content Converge

Explore a range of simple folded and bound structures in this introductory book art workshop. We will consider the relationship between subject and form and experiment with visual and written content.


Paper Marbling: A Non-Instructed Session for “Experienced” Marblers

This four-hour standalone session follows our previous day’s instructed workshop. The workshop provides an opportunity for those with previous experience in Western Acrylic Paper Marbling to practice the craft.


Paper Marbling Instruction w/ Sandi Brayman

Led by Sandi Brayman, participants will leave this workshop with a dozen sheets of their own marbled paper to use for endpapers, note cards, bookmarks, or wrapping paper.


Letterpress Core Skills: 2023 Summer Session

This summer our multi-session, signature typesetting, and press usage class will feature the printing of broadsides, cards, and ephemera. Explore the art and craft of typesetting and letterpress printing in the Center’s Pressroom which features Vandercook cylinder letterpresses and the largest publicly accessible collection of movable type in the mid-Atlantic region.


Festival of the Book Event: Book Arts Open House

Stop by the Center to watch Book Arts’ members demonstrate the art and craft of bookmaking.


Block Night Images

Most Wednesday evenings folks interested in various aspects of printing and the book arts gather at the Center for an informal session of sharing their craft.Please see our Classes and …

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