Women and female-identifying individuals are invited to drop in at the Center and lend their voices to UNAPOLOGETIC in an activity that will take about 10 minutes.
A selection of participant responses will be letterpress printed at the Center Sept 6-10.
Any and all are welcome to drop in and learn about the project.

A PDF of the “mailer” for this in-person activity is available.
There is no preregistration for this program. See vaccination and masking policy below.

About the Residency
UNAPOLOGETIC a Book Artists’ Residency with Lyall Harris and Patricia Silva seeks to challenge stereotypes and internal conditioning surrounding gender roles.
As two female artists, Silva and Harris started with their own internal conditioning to create button pins with phrases that react to the need many women feel to apologize for not meeting pervasive societal expectations.
The project invites participants (women and female-identifying individuals) to consider their own relationship to this issue.

Residency Wrap-up Presentation
Sunday, September 12, 2021 (5-6 PM)
The artists will present and discuss their weeklong work at the Center as well as some of their previous collaborations.
There is no fee for this presentation, but registration is required.

About the Artists
Lyall Harris and Patricia Silva have been collaborating in the field of book art since they met in Florence, Italy, in 2014.
Their co-creations point to a unified aesthetic as if made by one hand and employ a range of image-making techniques and creative writing genres.
The work, which has grown to include sculpture, installation, and creative exchanges that crisscross the Atlantic, addresses issues and histories from their shared perspectives with a focus on loss, memory, and women’s issues.
Their collaborations have been widely exhibited and can be found in numerous collections in the US and Italy.

COVID Vaccination & Masking Policy:
It is the Virginia Center for the Book’s expectation that all workshop and presentation attendees will be vaccinated.
As of 08/09/21, all participants in Virginia Center for the Book programming must be masked.
Should public health guidelines change and new norms be applicable, we reserve the right to revisit the expectations in the interest of participant health and safety and full refunds will be made if this causes any cancellations.

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