Japanese Wood Block Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, April 6 & 7, 2024

Learn the secrets of printing from the Floating World. 木版画, Moku hanga is the Japanese practice of woodblock printing that was adopted and mastered during the Edo period. Students will be immersed in the world of this amazing process while carving and printing their own practice image of a Taiyaki or baked sea bream cake.

  • Unlike the support of the multi-artisan network of the Edo era print shops, we will be practicing the Sosaku hanga method wherein one artisan carves the blocks, makes the nori paste, prepares pigments, sharpens knives, and prints the edition. There is an art to mastering the flow of this work pace. Students will be introduced to this method by creating a print in the Sumizuri-e 墨摺り絵 style of using sumi ink exclusively.
  • Students will see how Shin-hanga masters created almost photorealistic prints from minimally processed materials available from the natural world without the need for a printing press machine.
  • Come learn the incredibly versatile water-based print practice that can be packed into a travel bag or set up on any tabletop for mobile printing.

Workshop Details: Japanese Wood Block

Our COVID Vaccination and Masking Policy for this Workshop:

  • It is the Virginia Center for the Book’s expectation that all program participants are vaccinated.
  • Evolving CDC and UVA COVID guidelines may require that participants be masked if working close to others. (bring your masks)
  • Should public health guidelines change, and new norms be applicable, we reserve the right to revisit the expectations in the interest of participant health and safety.

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