Our Next Block Night is on Wednesday, July 24, 2024

July 17, 2024 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Join us for Block Night on Wednesday, July 24 at 5:30 PM at the Center. Membership is not necessary for Block Night! Everyone interested in the arts and crafts of book/printmaking are welcome to attend.


Book Binding Core Workshops I-IV (Summer 2024 Session)

July 18–21, 2024 10AM – 4PM

Join us at the Center this Summer for our Signature Introductory Book Binding Workshop This four-part Bookbinding Core Series prepares participants to undertake a wide range of projects and additional classes in intermediate and advanced bookbinding techniques and book structures.


Drum Leaf Binding w/Jane Freeman

July 30, 2024 10AM – 4PM

Drum Leaf Binding is an innovative binding that opens flat with no stitching to interrupt images or text that cross the fold of the page.  Using minimal adhesive, single-sided folios are stacked and glued to create the text block. The resulting book is useful as a journal and sketchbook as well as an artist’s book featuring prints, paintings, photographs, and more.


Two-Needle Coptic Bookbinding w/Janet Eden – Summer 2024

August 10, 2024 9:45AM – 4PM

Coptic binding is the oldest form of a book (a “codex”) in Western culture. In its modern form, it has a hardcover and an open spine that reveals decorative binding stitching. At the end of this intermediate course, participants will take home a full-size Coptic-bound book.


Letterpress Core Skills: Summer Session 2024

August 22–25, 2024 10AM – 4PM

Explore the art and craft of typesetting and letterpress printing in the Center’s Pressroom which features Vandercook cylinder letterpresses and the largest publicly accessible collection of movable type in the mid-Atlantic region. We’ll have multiple small assignments/projects demonstrating metal type, lino & wood block, polymer, and multi-color printing.


More Junk Journals w/Donna Knoell

September 14–15, 2024 12PM – 4PM

Using the techniques from Junk Journals Part I, this two-day workshop will use repurposed/discarded book covers to create a 5-inch x 7-inch hard-back journal with 3 signatures using more materials you already have: junk mail, envelopes, used greeting cards, off-size scraps of paper from notebooks, posters, maps, office supplies, calendars, museum catalogs.


Slipcase Construction w/Jane Freeman

September 24, 2024 10AM – 4PM

Interested in constructing a beautiful slipcase to “house” a favorite book or set of books? Participants in this class will build one slipcase in class and learn to adapt the basic model to accommodate different sizes of books. Using a standard-size hardback journal as our base (this book is provided), participants will measure, cut, cover, and assemble a four-sided, lined slipcase to house the journal.


Fall 2024 Paper Marbling w/Sandie Brayman (Instructed)

October 19, 2024 10AM – 4PM

This instructed one-day standalone marbling workshop will guide participants through the process of marbling successively more intricate patterns, as well as time to experiment with your own unique designs. By the end of this class, those who wish to pursue their skills will have the experience and knowledge to do so.


Fall 2024 Paper Marbling: A Non-Instructed Workshop for “Experienced” Marblers

October 20, 2024 11AM – 3PM

All the tools and materials are setup for you to marble away. Perfect your marbling skills during our four-hour session – Open to those with previous marbling experience. This standalone session follows our previous day’s instructed workshop.  This class is open to those with previous marbling experience.

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