Introducing Book Art: Where Structure and Content Converge

July 8–9, 2023 10AM – 4PM

Explore a range of simple folded and bound structures in this introductory book art workshop. We will consider the relationship between subject and form and experiment with visual and written content.


Bookbinding Core Skills: 2023 Intensive Summer Session

July 20–23, 2023 10AM – 4PM

This four-part Bookbinding Core Series prepares participants to undertake a wide range of projects and additional classes in intermediate and advanced bookbinding techniques and book structures.


Letterpress Core Skills: 2023 Summer Session

August 26–29, 2023 10AM – 4PM

This summer our multi-session, signature typesetting, and press usage class will feature the printing of broadsides, cards, and ephemera. Explore the art and craft of typesetting and letterpress printing in the Center’s Pressroom which features Vandercook cylinder letterpresses and the largest publicly accessible collection of movable type in the mid-Atlantic region.

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